How often should I clean my air conditioner?

How often should I clean my air conditioner?

It is humid and hot in summer, and air-conditioning has become indispensable to Hong Kong people. Air conditioners have saved many people’s lives, allowing us to sit comfortably indoors and continue to enjoy life.

These appliances can be seen everywhere in our daily life: from small watch booths and companies downstairs to exhibition halls and shopping malls. We see that human beings rely more and more on air conditioning, making it impossible for us to imagine how they can survive if it suddenly disappears.

Does the air conditioner need to be cleaned regularly?

Air conditioners require regular maintenance and cleaning like any other ordinary electrical appliance. Just imagine if you use the rice cooker every day but never clean it – how long will it last? Everyone knows the answer.

Hong Kong is densely populated. After long-term use, air conditioners will inevitably accumulate dust and dirt, which will block the air outlets and drains, breed bacteria, and affect health. Since this appliance is so important in daily life and accumulates dirt easily, we must not neglect cleaning it.

It has been reported that an air conditioner that has not been cleaned for more than ten years can fill a bucket with black water and that many cotton fibers and dust float on this water’s surface. The scene is very disgusting. While everyone is enjoying the air conditioning, the dust, lint, and suspended particles are sucked into the air conditioner’s interior and attached to the parts. Coupled with the humid climate, the air-conditioner becomes a breeding ground for mold. Therefore, whether you are using a split air, window-type, or mobile air conditioner, it must be cleaned regularly to prevent mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing.

The benefits of cleaning the air conditioner regularly are:

  1. To ensure the regular and efficient operation of air conditioners
  2. To prevent air conditioner performance decline
  3. Avoid the accumulation of air conditioner problems and prolong the appliance’s life.

How often should the air conditioner be washed?

When it comes to washing the air conditioner, everyone will inevitably ask: “How often should I wash the air conditioner?” There is no fixed answer because the actual frequency depends on the type of air conditioner, installation location, frequency of use, and so on. The cleaning frequency of Hitachi air conditioners and Panasonic air conditioners will differ, and the reference numbers of split air conditioners and window air conditioners will also vary. Even so, we recommend thoroughly cleaning the air conditioner every six months.

Please note that it is “thorough cleaning” and not just cleaning the dust filter with ordinary spray. Ordinary sprays can only clean the surface of the air conditioner, but they cannot deep clean the places where bacteria, viruses, and dust breed.

Therefore, if you want to clean the air conditioner thoroughly, consider hiring a professional air conditioner cleaning team. Before hiring, you should also understand the content of different air-conditioning services and choose a plan that suits you. For example, ACExpress currently provides professional and comprehensive cleaning services for various household and commercial air conditioners. Experts will carefully clean the inside and outside of the air conditioner and use professional cleaning agents to completely dissolve harmful substances attached to the condenser, air outlet, and other parts. They will then use high-pressure water guns to rinse and return your air conditioner in perfect condition and 100% clean.

If you have any questions about the services provided by ACExpress, please feel free to Whatsapp or call 9854 2277. Our team is always at your service.