What are the steps to cleaning your air conditioner?

What are the steps to cleaning your air conditioner?

You won’t dare use a fan that hasn’t been cleaned for a year, let alone an air conditioner. But do you understand what an “air conditioner cleaning” is?

Everyone knows their air conditioner needs to be cleaned every six months, especially after summer, when it’s used more often. Even during winter, when the air-conditioner is not used, it has to be cleaned regularly. Dust and bacteria build up in the machine, even if we sometimes can’t see them.

ACExpress often receives these customer questions: “Cleaning the air conditioner is a point-washing? What is the procedure?” It’s clear that people need more understanding of the air-conditioner because they think it can be cleaned with a high-pressure water gun. It is more complex! Today, let’s discuss the complete process of washing and cleaning your air conditioner.

What are the steps to wash the air conditioner?

Before cleaning your appliance, you must first ensure your safety by doing things like turning off the power and sticking waterproof tape around the air conditioner. Then you can start cleaning.

The first step is to disassemble the casing of the air conditioner: take out the dust filter, and clean the case.

ACExpress experts will always carefully dismantle the air conditioner casing. Sometimes people handle this case too roughly and break or damage it; “the end before the beginning,” as people say. Please be careful.

After carefully dismantling the air conditioner shell, take out the dust filter.

Suppose the dust filter is too resistant to cleaning. In that case, you’ll notice some things: you will find a mountain of dust, which will prevent the machine from producing air normally, affect the cooling effect, cause a lot of molds to emit (which causes a foul smell) and make the sound of “begging” incessantly. These things can cause nasal allergies and breathing problems.

Once you have cleaned the case and checked the dust filter, clean the shell well to ensure it is clean inside and out.

The second step is to clean the dust filter, pig cage fan, and refrigeration rim and check the drain pipe.

Immediately after cleaning the air conditioner body shell, you need to clean the dust filter. Then it would be best if you cleaned the main focus of the air conditioner: the pig cage fan and the refrigeration wheel rim.

ACExpress cleaning experts choose high-quality coil water as a cleaning agent to clean pig cage fans and cooling rims. Coil water with uneven quality may cause chemical substances to remain in the machine and cause adverse effects on the device. After spraying the coil water on the pig cage fan and the refrigeration wheel rim, it will take a while to dissolve the dust and stains. This is where you use the high-pressure water gun to slowly and evenly wash away the water. Most of the sewage that flows out will go to the water pipe to drain and do a deep cleaning for the air conditioner. After the cleaning is complete, you can check the drain hose to see if there are any problems, such as blockage or aging.

The third step is to install the air conditioner body shell and dust filter and check whether the air conditioner is operating normally.

At this point, you’re 70-80% finished with the cleaning process, and you need to start the restoration and testing steps.

Since the air conditioner is still wet after cleaning, it must wait about 15 minutes to dry naturally. After air-drying, ACExpress cleaning experts will assemble the body shell and dust filter, reconnect the power supply, and turn the machine on to check whether it is operating normally. Congratulations! You’ve successfully cleaned your air conditioner. A Baixuexue air conditioner that emits healthy and fresh air will serve your family repeatedly!


The steps to clean an air conditioner may seem simple, but it requires a lot of professional knowledge. In addition to the various stages and the weight of the air conditioner, it is challenging to handle by yourself. If you accidentally splash the circuit board or use the wrong tool, you can seriously injure yourself – or worse. You can also cause damage to parts and even bring danger to your family. The consequences far outweigh the losses. If you need to have your air conditioner cleaned thoroughly, consider hiring a professional to do it. ACExpress’ professional air conditioner cleaning team provides customers with experienced and fast cleaning services, and the charges are transparent, reliable, and sincere. It only takes 45 minutes to restore the cleanliness and coolness of your air conditioner. Moreover, every single project will provide 30-day after-service maintenance. ACExpress will provide free care for all problems caused by cleaning your air conditioner so the whole family can feel at ease.