Can I clean my air conditioner myself?

Can I clean my air conditioner myself?

As we head into September, the weather is gradually cooling down. The hot season is finally coming to an end, and we can finally give our much-used air-conditioner a rest. The air-conditioner collects a lot of dust, dirt, and bacteria because of how often it’s used during the summer. It’s crucial to clean it before putting it away for the coming colder months.

However, how many of us know how to clean it properly? Or which parts specifically need to be cleaned? Should we try to clean it ourselves or hire someone?

Today we’ll address some of these questions; relax, read on and let’s get into it.


 Which parts of the air conditioner should I clean?

Among all of the appliances in your home, the air conditioner collects the most dust. The first step is to remove and clean the filter net. While it’s easy, it’s important to clean the filter, especially the outermost part because it makes contact with the air by filtering out most dust, fibers, and oily smoke. Clean your filter regularly to ensure good hygiene and good quality cold air in your home.

Once the dust filter is clean, check on the other part inside the air conditioner. Many of its parts will accumulate dust and water, and there may even be blocked air passages or drains. It may be hard to see this, which is why regular cleaning of the entire appliance is recommended – especially during the raging pandemic – to avoid the long-term breeding of dust and bacteria.

If you’re using a split-type air conditioner, you must clean both the indoor and outdoor units. The indoor unit is responsible for cooling, and the outdoor unit is responsible for heat dissipation. If you do not clean the outside part, heat will not dissipate efficiently; this will affect your air conditioner’s cooling ability and longevity.


Can I clean my air conditioner myself?

Yes, of course – but it’s not recommended. Although many videos and articles on the Internet teach you how to clean air conditioners by yourself, please note that there are many models of air conditioners; it’s impossible to use a single model as a cleaning benchmark. Depending on the model, the placement of internal parts may also be different.

Insufficient knowledge about air conditioners and their parts can lead to improper cleaning and damage. Don’t follow online steps blindly; a little carelessness may cost you more if you need to have repairs done or buy an entirely new appliance.

You must hire a professional to clean the outdoor unit with split-type air conditioners. A professional can also properly and thoroughly clean your air conditioner using tools like high-pressure water guns and special disinfectants instead of ordinary watering cans and bleach.

Cleaning your air conditioner yourself can undoubtedly save you some money, but it’s highly recommended that you don’t. Instead, save yourself time and trouble by hiring professional air conditioner cleaners such as ACExpress. ACExpress provides fast and professional cleaning services for various types of air conditioners. Their fees are reasonable and clearly marked, as well as transparent. Within 45 minutes, ACExpress will hand you a fresh and healthy air conditioner.