What to do if my air conditioner is not cooling enough?

What to do if my air conditioner is not cooling enough?

Hong Kong is hot and humid in summer, and air-conditioning is necessary for most homes and companies. Stepping into August, the temperature is so hot that people do not want to leave the house. Many people want to sit comfortably at home, enjoy the cool air conditioning, and spend a leisurely weekend relaxing; but why does it feel like the air conditioning is malfunctioning, and no matter what, the air is not cold?

Some netizens often ask: “I have already changed the type of refrigerant. Why is my air conditioner still not being cool?”

No, the cause of the problem is not necessarily due to the type of refrigerant. Today, we discuss some common causes of “air conditioners not being cooling enough” and related solutions.

Why is an air conditioner not being cool?

Culprit 1: Air conditioner dust filter

The air conditioner does not emit freezing wind. In fact, the first thing we need to check is the dust filter of the appliance. Experts believe that most people ignore the importance of cleaning the dust filter regularly.

Once you feel that the air conditioner does not produce freezing wind, it is probably because the filter has accumulated too much dust. This blocks the air conditioner’s performance. In a previous post, we discussed that if the dust filter is not cleaned regularly, it will negatively affect the cooling performance of the air conditioner. Additionally, mold, mildew, and bacteria will accumulate, affecting health. If the situation continues after cleaning the dust filter, it is necessary to check the air conditioner thoroughly.

Culprit 2: Dust in the internal parts of the air conditioner

The dirt on the dust filter is easier to see, and you can clean it yourself. However, if the problem is still not resolved after cleaning, it may be that the internal parts of the air conditioner have accumulated dust. The internal structure of the air conditioner is relatively complex. It is more likely to collect dust than other parts, such as the radiators, compressors, and others, which will affect the operation of the fan or internal components. It involves the fan speed – slowing it down – or it will block the condenser or even make ice inside the air conditioner. This is because too much dust is inside, and the cold air cannot be released. In this case, you can clean the parts with soft bristles first. If the situation does not improve, you must clean the air conditioner thoroughly. However, due to the different internal structures of different models of air conditioners, there is no unified cleaning method. Self-cleaning can easily damage the internal parts, and the potential loss outweighs the gain. You may consider hiring a professional air conditioner cleaning team, such as ACExpress, to carefully clean the inside and outside of your appliance. From them, you will receive back a perfect air conditioner that is 100% clean.

Culprit 3: Damaged parts of the air conditioner

If the air conditioner has been used for several years, it is not surprising that there might be mechanical failures. The most common one is the air conditioner’s temperature-sensing failure. If this is the case, the air conditioner cannot perceive the correct temperature and judge when to expel air. And, of course, the air blown out will not be cold. Another situation is the failure of the air-conditioning compressor. If it is, in fact, the air-conditioning compressor, it will cost a lot of money! In this case, you have to hire someone to repair it!

So, as you can see, not all air conditioner problems are caused by “snow leakage.” Even if it is a refrigerant problem, you need to repair the leaking refrigerant before changing it; otherwise, you are just fooling yourself.


The highest temperature in Hong Kong in summer can reach 38-39 degrees. If the air conditioner in your home is not cold or cannot be used, it will not be very pleasant. In order to reduce the chance of air conditioner failure, regular cleaning and inspection are especially important to prevent problems before they happen. If you have the budget, hiring a professional to clean the air conditioner carefully at least once a year is best. If you do not, you must clean the air-conditioning dust filter at least twice a year.